Using WebListings & the Business Directory

Our Directory houses an ever-growing list of businesses (just like you!) and their contact information; with WebListings, you can take your Directory profile to the next level by adding this information in one easy step to multiple other high-traffic websites, including Google Maps and Yahoo! Local.

Need help or want to learn more? Check out the answers to some common questions.

How does the Business Directory get my business information?

We rely on submissions from business owners, but also pull information from common websites like infoUSA and CitySearch. Once you've claimed your Directory listing, we don't allow anyone else to edit your information.

I only want certain information to appear on my Directory page. How do I add or remove things like my street address and business website?

You can edit information about your business at any time via your free business profile. This includes choosing whether or not to include your street address. To add a business website, you must opt in to the WebListings paid package.

Are there any restrictions for certain businesses?

Profiles may not contain profanity, obscenity, or attacks on competitors.

I have multiple business locations; how do I make sure each one is listed?

Find or add your business on the Directory, and we'll forward you, by-request, to an email you can send requesting multiple locations.

How do I remove information from the Directory and/or cancel any premium services I sign up for?

Your business is on the Directory at no cost to you. You can edit any of the information listed at any time — it's free publicity!

If you have opted in to paid services and want to cancel, or your business has closed, call (800) 428-3170.

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